Adding a Roof Rack or Cargo Basket to your vehicle. Beautifully finished roof racks designed to fit their specific models made from quality aluminium. You get more space, comfort and convenience with a roof rack .


Can be installed by yourself .. Confident throughout the journey
Luggage Roof Rack
Designed to hold the crossbar at
any position throughout the sieve
The structure is thicker and
stronger than before.
Made from aluminum, not rust,
light weight available in sizes
100 x 120 and 100 x 160 cm.
CB-550N Roof Baskets
A roof rack is a set of bars secured to the roof of a motor car.
The Carryboy Roof Basket is made from rustproof, anodized aluminum that allows it to be lightweight and strong rack. The perfect for carrying luggage and supplies. Roof Rack is easily assembled and installed and no drilling required.
The design is intelligently engineered to reduce wind noise and drag to minimize cabin noise and fuel consumption. When it's time to transport gear, the Trail basket delivers with integrated features to offer enhanced utility.
100 x 100 cm.
100 x 120 cm.
100 x 160 cm.
Carryboy Roof Basket for Cars, SUVS, Vans, Pick-up, Trucks and Carryboy Canopy. (Click button to enlarge)
Toyota Fortuner Ford Everest Nissan X-Ttrail Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Honda BR-V Honda Freed Toyota Innova Honda CR-V Toyota Revo Isuzu D-max Ford Ranger Raptor MG ZS
Roof Rack Systems, Base Rack
Custom designed to work with your vehicle, this base rack system is the ideal option for anyone hauling heavyweight loads. With a no-drill mounting system, your rack won’truin your vehicle’s paint job
CB-716R Base Rack
CB-716 Base Rack
Car Roof Bars
CB-552 Roof Bars size 120 cm. Can be attached to all car roofs
CB-558 Roof Bars size 135 cm. Can be attached to all car roofs
CB-558 Roof Bars size 161 cm. Can be used with a car with CB-789F
CB-552 Car Roof Bars
CB-558 Car Roof Bars
CB-558 Roof Bars size 161 cm.
CB-558 Base Roof Rack
Get your ride ready for adventure in the best possible way with the Base Roof Rack System.
Creates the perfect foundation for mounting bike carriers,kayak racks, cargo boxes and other rooftop accessories.
Cargo Net & Adjustable Hooks
This cargo net features sub-hooks for quick tightening adjustments, great for managing and organizing loose, bulky or awkwardly shaped cargo.
The storage net stretches around your stuff and you can cram even more things in it than ever
Car accessories
Ready to store
luggage with you
CB-535 Aluminium Roof Rack Carrier
An aluminium roof rack is an extremely necessary piece of equipment that complements any touring journey.
Comes in different sizes — 100 x 100 cm, 100 x 120 cm, 100 x 160 cm.
Tradesman Roof Rack
Tradesman roof rack is
beautifully finished and
is capable of carrying
well in excess of your
vehicles load limit.
  • Double Cab 1,200 (W) x 1,900 (L) mm.
  • Extra Cab 1,200 (W) x 2,400 (L) mm.
  • Single Cab 1,200 (W) x 2,400 (L) mm.
  • CB-763 Tradesman Roof Rack
    All in One
    Fiberglass Hardtop
    Tonneau Cover
    Nissan NP300
    Ranger [T6]
    BT-50 [T6]
    Hilux J-Deck
    We can do almost anything
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